Audi R8 Hits The Curb With a Vengeance... That Hurt!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Comedian Ron White famously coined the phrase “You can’t fix stupid.” We’d like to edit that phrase slightly for this video and add the words “not even with money” to the end. Audi’s R8 is a high-dollar car that handles like a dream, but it also has a ton of power on tap and that will send the driver out of control with a quickness, especially if they get a little heavy with their right foot.

The video below is a perfect example of what can go wrong when the driver gets too happy with the loud pedal while navigating a traffic circle in the low-slung German hotrod without enough control over the throttle and the steering. You can hear the car go wide open throttle and see the rear end kick out, then as it drives out of view of the camera, you hear it…

“It” is that sound we all have likely heard at some point: the sickening sound of a car slamming into the curb with a great deal of force. We don’t get to see the aftermath but judging by nothing more than the sound, we have to assume it’s not a pretty sight. Sliding sideways into the curb like that is going to, at the very minimum, destroy the wheel bearings, if not the wheels themselves. With a car that sits this low to the ground, there could also be damage to the rocker panels, and if the car actually hopped the curb, the exhaust and suspension could have been affected as well. What looks like a minor mishap could have easily caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the gorgeous R8.

Hopefully the damage was minor, but based on that awful sound, we’re guessing there is some pretty significant breakage over there, just out of sight of the camera.

Video of the R8 Crash from today☹️i certainly think traction was off, a V10 R8 with such a good Quattro System like Audi have don't just spin out like that.

Posted by Tyler Richmond on Sunday, May 21, 2017