Australians Show Off Turbo "6-Cylinder Coyote" - The Engine We Need in the USA!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

There are lots of events that bring out wild car counts and some of the fastest machines in the world. However, for someone looking for a little bit of diversity in the field, Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week is a good bet. Not only is the field diverse in mechanical nature but it also yields interactions that might’ve never otherwise happened.

Part of this comes with the crowd that ends up competing from outside of the States. It seems as if there were a heaping handful of competitors this year who actually came from places like Australia and Switzerland.

Not only did these folks travel all the way to the states to compete. They also shipped their cars over here with them!

This time, we get to check out the creations of a couple of Aussies. These guys are definitely bringing something wild to the table. Here in America, the inline 6-cylinder platform known as the “Barra” is relatively unheard of. Heck, we would be shocked if the majority of gearheads even know what it is. After following along with a couple of examples, though, we get the feeling that most will be begging to bring this platform to the states!

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we get the inside scoop on the length that these Aussies went through in order to compete in the event. Their struggles are a lot more than meets the eye. In turn, we also get to learn about the Coyote inspired six-cylinder that sounds somewhat like a 2JZ!

As we operate in our own little worlds, it can be easy to block out what enthusiasts across the world are doing. However, after tuning in to this Barra-powered madness, we can’t help but be excited about drag racing around the world! These guys are really doing something special and luckily, we get the chance to go along for the ride.