Badass Subaru WRX STI Hits The Isle of Man TT - Flat Out

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Sure, you can watch a car perform from the outside and gain an appreciation for just how badass the machine and its driver alike are. There is no way to make going 170 mph through tight roads that twist and turn look tame in any way. However, when you’re able to see the perspective of someone riding along inside of the car, you get all new appreciation for just how insane these drivers really are as they push these machines to the limit and sometimes further! Upon watching this one, you might even get yourself a little bit of motion sickness because it’s just that insane inside of this rally car.

The camera view here sits you shotgun inside of a badass Subaru WRX STI rally machine as it hits the Isle of Man TT course and does so with a vengeance, going flat out in and out of each and every one of these precicely carved turns in the course. It’s almost like the driver is angry at them, making the car scream as loud as it possibly can as it rips around the racing surface! This video might provide you with about as much of an adrenaline rush as you could possibly come up with and it’s all without even stepping foot in the car – yes the clip is really that wild and you have to see for yourself!

Check out the video below that will have you going around the course for yourself and ultimately questioning this driver’s sanity. From the way that he rips the car around the course, you’re probably going to think that driver, Mark Higgins, is some sort of crazy person! I’m sure that he would be okay with having that title, especially if it has to do with his insane abilities behind the wheel.