NASTY Twin turbo Outlaw Camaro HOOKS UP!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

NASTY Twin turbo Outlaw Camaro HOOKS UP!

When it comes to big horsepower cars, especially those trapping over 220mph like this insanely clean split bumper Chevrolet Camaro, grabbing traction is no easy feat.

The 1970.5 Chevrolet seems to not have too much of an issue getting out of the hole at all! Watch as the 622ci big block and 94mm Precision turbos put power to the ground seamlessly as the car rockets its way to a new personal best.

Check out the video of the passes below and tell us what you think of this insane drag car. Personally, we don’t think 6.6s are too shabby at the end of the day.