Baller Hauler + AE86 Corolla 3SGE BEAMS Powered Drift Car

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This could very well be the coolest rig we’ve ever laid eyes on, especially when it comes to making an entrance somewhere like Hoonigan’s hallowed headquarters.

The car that’s on the property for the Hoonigan crew to check out is an awesome AE86 Corolla, but let’s be honest, this may be the one time the transport rig for the car is worthy of more attention than the car itself. I mean, just watching the short intro – which has excellent music, good job whomever at Hoonigan chooses the music – it’s honestly hard to say which of the two I looked at more.

Those of you who are thinking “Oh that car is way cooler than the truck, this guy is just a hater!” I have nothing at all against Corollas, or JDM cars, or anything of the sort. What I do have is a soft spot for custom car-hauling rigs, and this roll back is quite literally off-the-charts cool!

I’ll show my ignorance on the subject of JDM I’m sure, because I just never dove off into that culture, but I can 100% appreciate the passion that drives that world and love looking at these rigs, even if I don’t know exactly what I’m actually looking at. Luckily, by the end of this video, I learned quite a bit about both of these rides and can’t wait to continue my JDM education (y’all help me learn! Email me some stuff:

I’m not going to try to type up all the info contained in this Build Breakdown, because you’re gonna hear it all when you hit the play button, so I’m just gonna touch on the things that stood out to me the most. The thing that stuck out to me the most just happens to be the very first thing discussed with Miles, the owner of this ridiculous rig. The wheels on the Isuzu truck used to haul the ‘Rolla! This truck is rolling on 24 1/2 in Alcoa wheels, only the rims have been trimmed down to 24” wheels so that Miles can run SUV tires. They dive into how the rig came to be – spoiler: it started life as a box truck! – and what all went into the conversion from box to rollback.

From there they dive into the Corolla and the amazing work that Miles has put into it, including the BEAMS swap and custom bodywork, which he Hoons flip over. There’s plenty of detailed info available, but you’re gonna have to hit that play button and watch for yourself to find out everything!