Farmer Battles Wildfires in Tractor Feet From the 30-Acre Blaze

Posted by: Jose Corona on 11/17/2021

In the case of a fire, blazes that destroy property can leave you feeling pretty helpless, especially when there is nothing that you can personally do to contain them.

For this farmer, a sizable fire taking out his crop simply wasn’t an option and even though he didn’t have the means to necessarily extinguish the destructive force, he still took action in the only way he knew how.

While the fire burned, taking out 30 or so acres, the farmer hopped in his tractor and started to cut with the aim of removing the fuel of his crop from around the fire before it spread even further to the rest of the 80 acres.

Check out the highly dangerous situation below that shows an act of bravery when this farmer simply would not allow himself to go down without a fight first.