Beat the Tesla in a Race and Keep it - Twin Turbo Lambo Owner Tries His Luck

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to performance in a drag race, many might not expect the Tesla name to be thrown into the fold. After all, it seems like a brand that’s about environmentally friendliness and saving money by using electricity.

However, one of the byproducts of an electric motor is lots of torque. Because of the way these things are set up, they actually end up being pretty quick. They’re a lot quicker than most would probably expect.

One of the strong suits of an electric-powered vehicle is the short game. In other words, if you really go out and stretch out the top speed, it’s probably not going to end very well for a Tesla. However, in a race that’s over in a short distance like a quarter-mile or even more preferably, an eighth-mile, the Tesla will likely surprise a few folks.

With a combination of the big torque helping it to get off of the line along with all-wheel-drive, these things are pretty stout. Not only do they deliver a bunch of torque. Tesla also consistently gets the power to the ground through the all-wheel-drive system.

Normally, getting power to the ground through such a configuration can be a challenge. Engines will commonly bog down if they’re not making a ton of power. However, with an electric motor, drivers know what they’re going to get on every pass.

This time, we check out a test that really puts Tesla to the test. In this particular demonstration, we checking a couple of Tesla models that go head-to-head with a collection of impressive cars. Some of these cars even include a twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo and a built Nissan GT-R.

The catch in this race is that if one of these competitors can manage to beat the Tesla in a short race, they get to go home with a Tesla Model 3 or $35,000. Will any of the competitors be able to slay the electric beast?