BED-MOUNTED Turbo Truck Is Straight NASTY

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

BED-MOUNTED Turbo Truck Is Straight NASTY

In the midst of all of the builds out there, it’s easy to blend in with the landscape of forced induction and nitrous, but we can almost guarantee that you will never mistake any other build for this gnarly turbo truck.

The guys at 1320video caught up with this sick build, here’s what they had to say about the truck: “We’ve seen some crazy sh*t when we go to car events, but this is right up there with one of the nuttiest turbo placements EVER!

Check out this truck – LSx, big turbo, and a CRAZY LOUD SPOOLIN’ bed-side down-pipe exhaust!! We decided to take advantage of the rare opportunity to jump in the bed and ride shotgun along side his TURBO in this extremely unique Chevrolet S10.”

You can see the unique build and ride along with it in the video below!

Bed mounted turbos are about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen on a truck. Check out this 5-second S10 sporting a huge one!

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