Before YOU Build a 2L Air Tank, Watch These Explosion Tests!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you have poked around in the DIY section of the Internet, you may have stumbled across some instructions on how exactly you could take a 2 L bottle and transform it into a compressed air tank, storing your air for later use. Normally, you’d think that someone would just take the extra couple of bucks and spend it on a good air compressor but hey, I guess if there’s a cheap way to do something that you’re going to use maybe once or twice then people are going to look into it to try to save every penny possible.

This time, we check out video that the uploader implores you to take a look at before you head out and build your own tank out of a 2 L bottle. Oh yeah, you got it right, this time we’re looking at none other than an explosion test to see just how much air these things can take before they pop! You don’t, after all, want to have your tank popping and blowing up on you right in the middle of using it, potentially doing some damage in the process.

The video below takes you along for the ride as these guys inflate up 2 L bottles and transform them into shapes that you never thought you would see a bottle go. After watching something like this, it really makes you question if it’s actually worth the hassle to make your own instead of heading out and buying one. After seeing the explosion test unfold for yourself, would you try to do something like this on your own or would you save the struggle and just pony up the extra coin? A little DIY is always a good time, but sometimes, you just need to question if it’s really worth it!