The Best of Show off Fails

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

It’s only natural that, if you have a car like a screaming machine that’s easy to appreciate, that you’re going to want to show it off a little bit at meets and car shows alike along with maybe a stint out in public with a big audience to watch. What’s the point in owning a machine like that if you can’t let everyone know how awesome it is? However, the way that these drivers went about doing it ended up bringing them a little bit of an embarrassing situation for the folks behind the wheel and might have been complimented by damage done to their ride.

This time, we get immersed into a whole collection of these situations as certain folks seem to have wanted to put on a show for the crowd whether it be live or a crowd on the other side of the camera and, instead of making themselves look impressive, would end up making themselves look particularly poorly as the fails really came in heavy here. As it turns out, this time, the situation doesn’t discriminate against who you are or what kind of vehicle you’re driving but instead, decides to expose a lack of experience no matter who you are.

If you follow along down in the Gaskings video below, you’ll be exposed to a variety of situations where people tried to show off and, in some cases, almost had it, but just simply ended up failing in quite the miserable way. In other situations pictured here, it’s kind of hard to try and figure out exactly what people are trying to do and how they thought that some of these actions would have a happy ending. To us, some of these happenings screamed “bad idea” right from the start of it all and we’re not sure how nobody seemed to pick up on that!