Best truck to take to the river, The quad dually 8x8 walks on water

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When it comes to boating, it might seem like you need a lot to get going. If you aren’t renting out a slip and paying all of that extra money to store your boat, you’re going to need a truck and a trailer to launch and pick up your boat from the boat ramp.

These guys decided that they would go ahead and just skip all of those middle steps and build a truck that could double as a boat instead of going through the trouble of actually buying a boat and all of the necessary supporting components.

What started out as a Ford pickup truck would eventually become a jacked up 8×8 with humongous tires on board that allow the truck to float through the water just like a boat.

We aren’t exactly sure how this thing manages to stay stable, but even with all of the wheels turning, the truck is able to navigate through marinas, under bridges, and anywhere that a traditional boat would normally be able to navigate.

Check out the creation in the video below and tell us if you would buy a truck like this or build one to prevent that hassle of having to use separate vehicles for land and sea. The idea is most certainly creative, we have to give them that!