Big Block Nitrous Chevelle Takes on a Nitrous LS Mustang On the Street!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If throwing down in the streets is what we’re talking about, there are a lot of factors to consider. You can’t just think that you’re going to make a bunch of power and head out there to be a competitor. Perhaps, getting all the power that you’re making to the ground is the most difficult part of the whole ordeal. Lots of times, those unprepared surfaces don’t really cooperate with cars making some juice.

In this video, we check out a domestic battle for the ages as a Ford Mustang Foxbody goes head-to-head with a Chevrolet Chevelle. Not only are we looking at a Chevy vs Ford battle, but we’re also checking out a battle that puts a nitrous small block up against big block as the Ford is boasting an LS engine while the Chevelle has a big block under the hood (Maybe it’s a Chevy vs Chevy battle after all). It will be interesting to see if a big block makes enough power to overcome the weight difference that we’re sure exists between the two cars.

The only way to it is to do it and “do it” this pair does as the flagger gets the race underway and both cars roar off of the line, both willing their way toward the finish line in what just so happens a battle where one car struggles to gain traction, further reinforcing the fact that you could make all of the power in the world but none of that matters if you can’t get it all to go to the ground. Looks like this one is just a matter of which of these cars is set up better for the surface at hand.

Check out the video down below to see which one of these monsters is able to gather together the momentum to rocket to the finish line. It looks like somebody has to go back to the drawing board and think more about how they’re going to hook up and get traction next time!

Nitrous Big Block Chevelle vs Nitrous LS Mustang Street Race!

Check out this big block nitrous Chevelle take on a Nitrous LS Mustang heads up on the street! #MWSDS

Posted by MidWestStreetDrags on Saturday, May 27, 2017