Big Chief And Chuck Get Into It... Meltdown Between These Two is NOT Pretty!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Passions run deep and emotions get out of control when the coveted #1 spot atop the 405 Top Ten List is at stake, especially when longtime friends Big Chief and Chuck are vying for the crown. Sitting atop this list is a goal for every competitor on Street Outlaws and nobody wants to feel like they’re being disrespected or that games are being played when the top spot is on the line.

That’s why what should have been a minor disagreement between Chuck and Chief turned into a heated exchange after Chief took the number one spot on last week’s episode. As soon as the race was over, Chuck turned around and called out the new #1, and things began to spiral out of control from there.

We know now, after the fact, how it all went down thanks to this clip from the top end, but that didn’t keep the 20+ year friendship between these two from almost being left in shreds. Luckily we also know that cooler heads prevailed and the disagreement was settled both on the track and face to face.