Big Chiefs Old Chevelle vs Green Truck on the Street

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Before Street Outlaws took over Monday nights, the guys from the show were just a bunch of delinquent street racers from Oklahoma City. While most of their racing took place at night away from the public eye, sometimes they had events that allowed them to take to the streets during the day.

One such event was the Small Town Weekend in El Reno, during which a section of street was closed off and racers were paired up to do battle. Street Outlaws star and racemaster Big Chief was just another racer in field that day, and while the Crow rested at home, he lined up in his Chevelle to take on this lime green pickup. They pull up and launch hard, with Chief’s Chevelle taking the win, but not by much, as the truck gave him a heck of a run.

Now that the show is such a big hit, footage like this has started showing up all over YouTube. Such is the life of a reality TV star!