Big Tires on a Lifted Truck Does Not Mean it is Slow!

Posted by: Jose Corona on 11/17/2021

At first glance, this square body Chevy looks like your typical off-road/mud truck, and the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about off-roading or mudding is going fast on asphalt. However, as soon as the key is turned and this truck roars to life, you get a distinct impression that it may be destined to spend as much time ripping up the asphalt as it does sling mud and climbing hills.

The idle rumbling from this Chevy truck sounds nothing short of amazing, and it’s a dead giveaway that the truck has plenty of power lurking under the hood. If that didn’t give it away, the lengthy black marks left on the road certainly do.

This truck sounds like it’s making about 500 horsepower, more than enough to hurt the feelings of many sports cars that he might encounter at a red light while cruising through town between trips to the trails.