Sport Bike Revs vs Supra Anti-Lag Draws HUGE Crowd! Look At All The Cell Phones

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The guy who posted this video, YouTuber bobaduby, says he had a headache the rest of the day after this sinister Supra established itself as the loudest vehicle within earshot after a couple of sport bikes threw revs his way.

The Supra, sporting a cool grey color and some great looking wheels, is definitely loud, especially when he gets on the anti-lag, with the ridiculous exhaust throwing fireballs that are easily visible in broad daylight. As the Toyota and the bikes swap revs, a massive crowd gathers to partake in the action, with hundreds of attendees grabbing their cell phones to video the impromptu version of a car-guy dance off.

After the revving is done, the bikes lay down side-by-side burnouts as the Supra begins to ease through he crowd, and our videographer probably headed to grab the Tylenol to ease the ringing in his ears and his pounding head!