Biker Chases Car and Smashes Driver's Phone after Good Deed Goes Wrong

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

There is an old adage that tells us that in the scheme of things, there is no good deed goes unpunished. It might seem like a really negative way of looking at things but this motorcycle rider is finding out just how true those words really can be as they come to life right in front of his eyes.

If a person would have witnessed someone losing their wallet, there is a very good chance that, in this day and age, that whoever picked up the wallet would try and keep it for themselves. This time, however, the motorcycle rider comes up against such a situation and decides to catch up with the car from which the wallet just fell off of the roof where the owner forgot it sat. His goal was clearly to give it back.

Now normally, when somebody gives you back your wallet, you’d probably be elated with joy and maybe even offer them a reward. However, when this driver saw the motorcycle rider barreling down on him, he jumps the gun and decides to get angry instead, flipping off the rider who he doesn’t know is hanging on to his wallet! When he discovers, however, that the rider has his wallet and was only trying to do good, there is an obvious change as he starts acting to the tune of gratefulness.

Now, many people would probably throw the wallet into the ditch after getting flipped off like that but this motorcycle rider has another plan in mind. Shortly after giving back the wallet, we discover that the driver also left his cell phone on the roof. The motorcycle rider also picks that up but instead of handing it back to him, he simply drops it on the ground, probably shattering the screen into pieces.

Check out the video below and tell us if you think that this rider was in the right with what he did. We have to say that we’re behind this guy 110%. That’s some instant karma if we have ever seen it.