Black ice and snow cause high speed multiple car crash in Colorado

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

If you aren’t living in a place that calls for concern when it starts to get chilly then you’d better thank your lucky stars because in some places, when the temperature drops, it gets downright dangerous as ice hits the road and drivers have to fend for themselves.

This time we check out the scene in Colorado when the temperature drops and black ice hits the highway. When a group of drivers wasn’t wise to the dangerous patch, things got ugly and a bystander was there with a camera to catch the entire thing.

Car after car slides on the slick patch, creating an intensely hazardous situation for anyone who comes by and those who do all get tied up in the slide. These things aren’t slow moving, either, the cars are rolling with a good amount of speed before they get sideways and play oversized pinball.

Check out the video below as the entire scene was captured from a safe vantage point. It’s scenes like this that make you think twice before heading out when the weather isn’t quite cooperating.