Blind Man Races Motorcycle at Bonneville Salt Flats, Sets Record

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

There are many challenges that come about when drag racing and danger lurks around every corner but Dan Parker has a set of challenges that will make yours look like a walk in the park.

At the age of 18, Dan began to drag race, building his way up to become a Pro Nitrous champion and racing at blistering speeds that are certainly worthy of admiration.

However, on March 31, 2012, Dan would face a challenge that would change his life forever. When traveling at 175 mph, Dan’s ’63 Chevrolet Corvette would cock sideways and travel straight into the wall.

After a two week coma, Dan would wake up and find that he had been permanently blinded, meaning that he would never be able to race again… or so he thought.

Check out the video below that shows his journey back to racing as he would take steps to become the first blind man to ever make his way down the Bonneville Salt Flats, averaging just over 62 mph. That has to be the most simultaneously rewarding and scary feeling ever! In any case, we have to say that Dan Parker really has heart.