Blowing $5,000 in 5 Seconds! Life Raft Deployment - Survive Ditching an Aircraft

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We know some of our loyal fans out there are into flying and airplanes, and we certainly take to the sky whenever we as well, so any time we find content about flying that’s worth sharing, we do so. This video is long, I’ll tell you that up front, running right at fifteen minutes. However, it’s a pretty cool clip that will help you learn a lot about more than just the featured life raft, although that is the focus of the video and, when you see this thing, you’ll understand why.

These guys head to an adventure training session to help them learn more about flying while also enjoying time with friends and fellow pilots. It’s a great way to further you education as a pilot while having a great experience at the same time. Part of that training is dealing with flying over water and the obvious hazards of losing power control and having to ditch your plane in the ocean or a lake. If that were to occur, one of these badass life rafts could very well be the only thing that saves your life, so learning how to properly use it before you NEED it is a great plan.

The raft is about the same size as a gym bag and is self inflating. However, unlike what you often see in movies, it actually works amazingly well and is incredibly stable. Tossing the raft into the water, then jumping in with it, the guys give the inflator a tug and the raft inflates in seconds. Immediately, it’s obvious that this raft is incredibly well designed and functional, addressing one of the major issues that always seems to become a problem in the movies: it includes a roof! As we’ve seen in both fiction and documentaries, an open raft leaves the occupants open to the elements. A couple of days in the direct sun will result in severe sunburn and just a short rain shower can fill the bottom of the raft with water, leaving the occupants to deal with skin that becomes soaked and begins to deteriorate.

The roof solves both of those problems, plus there’s an on-board survival kit that contains several items to help the occupants last a few days afloat, although the packet was empty in the demo model.