Blown Chevy SS Sounds Brutal On The Dyno!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Chevrolet’s SS sort of snuck up on a lot of us. We knew all along the car was V8-powered, but we’re seeing more and more of the family sedans putting up some big numbers on the dyno and on the track. While the owner of this supercharged SS decided to keep the numbers to himself, we can certainly still enjoy the footage of the car spinning the rollers, as captured by our good friend Aaron at NXGonzo Video.

The car starts out sounding relatively tame, as if perhaps it is just rocking some bolt ons with a raspy exhaust. You can see the black wheels that accent the lower rear valence perfectly and really look great against the blue paint that covers the car. Badges from the SS’s Australian brother, the Holden SSV, adorn the car and the tag reads “GOTSSVD” further building the connection between the twin sedans.

As soon as the car goes wide open throttle, though, it quickly becomes apparent there’s much more at play here than an SS with some bolt-ons. The RPM’s climb quickly as the car mercilessly punishes the tires and spins the rollers up with brute strength provided by massive supercharger that lurks under the hood.

Aaron takes a walk around the car to check out the massive intake air compressor, showing us that it’s matched to the car’s blue exterior and looks to be almost big enough to feed a top fuel dragster’s demand for air. While we would love to share the car’s numbers, the owner wants to keep those under wraps for the time being, hopefully allowing him some time to remain relatively anonymous and pick on some unsuspecting victims on the streets and at the track. Hopefully the numbers will be revealed at some time in the future, because I’m definitely dying to know what kind of power this car is making!