BMW M3 E92 VS. POLICE - Unsuccessful Chase

Posted by: Joe Conlin on 11/18/2021

Watch as this BMW driver begs to be pulled over….then evades.

We’ve seen some unruly motorists get pulled over by the police, but this guy is on a whole other level of “ain’t care”. People who have a realistic grip on their sanity generally try to avoid confrontation with the police when they’re driving their car like they stole it, but this guy is practically begging to get pulled over.

With police standing nearby, the driver of this BMW carelessly taunts them, begging for a chase. When they finally do give chase, the BMW M3 struts its stuff and pulls away from the cops as if the police cruiser had just tossed an anchor out of the back.

What do you think of this display of no cares given? Is this guy the man or just straight up nuts… or both?