Bobby Ducote Big Tire Debut vs Dirty Bird at Galot NC Street Outlaws Live No Prep

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve likely seen, heard or read about Street Outlaw’s new spin-off series, No Prep Kings. What started with the massive no prep events in Bristol and Memphis has become so popular that Discovery Channel gave the series of on-track events its own show. We’ve seen many of the stars of both Street Outlaws shows join the heavy hitters from the no prep world on tracks all across the country to throw down and take home a stack of cash and bragging rights. National No Prep Racing Association caught up with the action at GALOT Motorsports Park in North Carolina, where the racers were duking it out for $40,000!

One ride that had fans buzzing was Street Outlaws New Orleans star Bobby Ducote’s new twin turbo big tire Mustang hatch. Bobby has had this car lurking for a while now, just waiting on the right opportunity to drop it on the no prep world and he decided the No Prep Kings filming at GALOT was just the place.

“Sweet 16” The World Record Radial vs The World race. (Click Image below live stream)

The baddest RvW cars in the world battle it out for $101,000.00.

Of course, the field was full of no prep badasses and Ducote drew a pretty solid opponent in the boosted Ford Falcon of KenJo Kelley. Both cars laid down some fresh rubber to maximize traction and heat up the tires before bumping into the staging beams. Both cars build boost and begin bumping into the beams, then unleash all of their twin turbo chaos as soon as the green light flashes. Both cars leave pretty hard but haze the tires down track, leaving the drivers to work the throttle to try to regain traction.

They get on and off the gas and finally cross the stripe with Bobby taking the win by a narrow margin. With both of these being relatively new builds, look for them to only get quicker and more consistent as they dial in the suspension and tune, so expect to see more of these cars in the very near future.