Bobby Ducote puts his small block car on a radial!

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/17/2021

Bobby Ducote is typically known for his small tire racing, and his small block, nitrous assisted cars. Whether it was his old Maverick, or this wild new Fox body Mustang, Bobby has been all over the place. Streets, No preps, and even prep track races. Recently Bobby acquired a big tire, big block, twin turbo car which has been seen all over the no prep world recently.

Bobby recently got back his small block car after allowing a friend to borrow it for a no prep race to keep him in points contention, that led to a brutal crash for the beautiful Blue Mustang. The car is still equipped with a small block, nitrous power plant. We’re not too sure what made Bobby make this switch, but he is racing at his home track in Mississippi which is operated by good friend, and fellow racer Scott Taylor