Bomb Squad Called to Remove Possible Grenade From Wichita Body Shop

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

People who work on customer cars have a unique relationship with seeing behind the scenes in some peoples’ lives. Whether or not they realize it, drivers can tell a lot about themselves with how they keep their vehicle. Perhaps a particularly messy vehicle can say a lot about a person. Meanwhile, a poorly mechanically maintained vehicle may spell out a different story.

Those close to the industry know that there have been all sorts of different obscure finds within vehicles. Technicians and detailers alike never really know what they’re going to come across inside of any given car. However, for one Wichita, Kansas body shop, employees would end up coming across the most obscure and dangerous of finds.

The workers of the shop would have to give a call to the police who would enlist the bomb squad as they discovered what they thought to be a grenade.

Via KWCH12 “Police say an employee at an auto shop in the 3400 block of East Harry (near Harry and Hillside) was detailing a vehicle when that employee found what appeared to be a possible live grenade.”

The item was removed from the business and put in what is called a “containment vessel.”

Essentially, this sort of vessel is designed to remove the danger should the item erupt.

While it was quite a scare, it wasn’t enough to evacuate the business or other local businesses. We have no word on if the item actually was a real grenade or not. We would venture to say that the folks working in this body shop would probably prefer to never come across something like that again, though.

This just goes to show how obscure the findings can be within aa vehicle for those who choose to take a job like this. We’re not sure if coming across grenades is exactly going to find its way into the job description, though.