Kristian Fires up His Twin Turbo LME 427 For the First Time #Buildforbraincancer

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

During every build, there is one moment that really brings things to ahead. After all the parts are in place, it’s finally time to turn the key. To those who have never done something like this, it might not seem like a big deal. However, let us tell you that, no matter how professional or amateur an effort behind the build, everyone is feeling it. Every single person who puts together a car has that tingling feeling inside. Even the most experienced professionals are hoping for the best when they fire up a new build.

This time, that feeling would belong to our buddy, Kristian. For those unacquainted, Kristian has been battling aggressive brain cancer. We wanted to jump in with both feet and help however we could. Speed Society would collaborate with a whole collection of good people in order to restore his 1969 Camaro. This wouldn’t be just any restoration, though. Instead, those on board have done everything that we could in order to make sure that this thing was a monster.

This means that everything had some intense attention to detail invested. From the chassis to the bodywork and paint to the work under the hood, no stone was left unturned. All sorts of different professionals in these areas came together to make ensure that this car was absolutely perfect. When all was said and done with the machine, Kristian would come in to Speed Society HQ to finally turn the key and fire it up.

The smile on his face was immense as his pride and joy had come to life. Out of everyone involved, Kristian had probably felt the most in that moment of truth to turn over the engine. However, we get a feeling that everyone who chipped in was feeling that adrenaline rush as well.

By following along with the video below, you get to join in on one of the best moments in building a car. This is one of those moments that is really difficult to explain unless you’ve been apart of it once or twice. Hopefully, witnessing Kristian’s pure joy can help you get close!