Brand new $60,000 Chevy Silverado underwater at the boat ramp! Total loss

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When it comes to launching a boat, it might seem like everything is pretty straightforward but if the plethora of folks who ended up with their tow rig underwater at the boat ramp isn’t a clear enough indicator for you, allow us to tell you that it’s a little bit more complicated than it looks.

With tons of safety etiquette concerns to keep on your mind when in the presence of other boaters, things can get out of hand rather quickly as it is the situation with this brand-new Chevrolet Silverado that ate the dust or rather… the water.

We tune into the rescue mission as the brand spanking new Duramax powered truck is pulled slowly from its watery grave as it appears it’s slid right on into the drink, the result of one false move that made everything go awry.

It’s kind of hard to watch in the video below but if you dare, click that play button. This is one scenario that this truck owner won’t soon be forgetting. Hopefully, he can sort it all out with his insurance company and get back on the road without too much headache.