Brand New Supercharged Jeep SRT8 vs Nitrous LSx Camaro on the Street

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

To say the least, this race did NOT go as expected, especially if you go on appearances. This Jeep, which looks like a showroom stock family hauler, doesn’t even look like it belongs on the same road with this nitrous-injected Camaro. The Camaro, on slicks and skinnies with stickers galore – you know each of those is good for 5 horsepower, right – looks and sound like it would mop the floor with the Jeep, but as soon as the flagger drops his hands, the assumptions go out the window.

When the hammer drops, the Jeep – a supercharged SRT8 with All Wheel Drive – not only holds its own, but actually takes the lead around halftrack, before the aerodynamics take over and allow the Camaro to just stick a nose out front at the finish. However, the Jeep’s owner should definitely hold his head high with pride, as this shouldn’t have even been a race, based on appearances, at least. Instead, it was one of the closer street races we’ve ever seen! Props to both racers for laying down one hell of a race!