BREAKING: Leak Says the C8 Corvette "Zora" to Get 1,000 Horsepower AWD Drivetrain

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Rumors have been coming that the C8 Corvette would be sporting some sort of hybrid system for a while. As speculation heats up, it looks like a new top-tier trim level might be added to the mix. In past generations, we have seen the Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1 packing extra options over the base models. A leak originally reported on by says that they could add the “Zora” to that list.

Chevrolet is rumored to be pushing production back with the current events of Coronavirus. However, the Zora likely wouldn’t be released for a couple of years anyway. The new trim level that will reportedly be a hybrid system creating 1000 hp is expected in 2025. From what we have gathered, the Zora will also sport an all-wheel-drive system.

What History Tells Us

In years past, we have seen the team behind the Corvette trickle out a new trim level every couple of years. As of today, all that we have in terms of the C8 is the base model car. If the model is anything like past models, we would see the upper models all be spaced out over the next couple of years.

The same report seems to have gathered information on the other models as well. The list puts the Z06 at 650 hp being released in 2022. It also has the Grand Sport cranking out 600 hp in 2023 and the ZR1 making 850 twin-turbo horsepower in 2024.

Throwing Blows at Europe

As of now, this is news is unofficial but we can’t help but get incredibly excited about it. One thing that has been missing from the American performance landscape is a potent AWD sports car model. It looks like Chevrolet could be planning to put just that in place. Depending on the price point, the model could bring an all-new layer to the Corvette’s “Bang for your buck” reputation.

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