Street Outlaws Boosted GT Unveils New Car To Attack Top 10 List With

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Hold the Phone!

Yes, you read that title correctly, the one and only Boosted GT is, in fact, going to be sporting himself a new set of wheels. Via the official Boosted GT Facebook account, just minutes ago it had been announced that he will now be pushing his way down the streets and tracks across the country in an entirely different ride, a true back half car that he plans to race in all sorts of fashions including small tire, big tire, no prep, street and grudge. Pretty much, no matter what the racing format, Boosted isn’t discriminating as he plans on pushing this beast to the limits and making this car a name out there in the world of racing.

As we all know, Boosted has been progressing through body styles of Ford Mustang in his trademark screaming yellow with the latest being a New Edge (see below) that has captured the hearts of many so this naturally makes the most sense as the next step in the sequence.

As the competition grows and everyone continues to invest all that they have got into making their cars work better, it only makes sense that he make the step up to the twin-turbo back half machine. Sure he could have just brought along the older car but rumor has it that he’s still hanging on to that one as well and keeping it just the way that it is.

Whenever one of the tougher competitors in the streets comes out with a new ride, it’s all the craze around the Facebook water cooler. Now, it’s only a matter of time until we see this thing in competition and we have to say that we can’t wait to see what it will do. If Boosted was making waves in his old ride, there’s no telling what he will be able to accomplish now that his equipment appears to have taken a serious step forward.