Brutal Isle of Man TT crash proves how dangerous this racing can be

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

All different types of racing pose different threats to the driver at hand. There really is no racing series that is 100% safe but we think that it is safe to say that some of these series are more dangerous than others as one false move by the driver almost certainly means some sort of injury at least.

When you look at racing from the Isle of Man TT, you’re looking at the more dangerous end of that spectrum as this kind of racing provides absolutely no safety surrounding the rider, outside of a helmet and a thick racing suit, if anything goes down.

In this scenario, we take a look at what a worst case scenario looks like when a rider goes down as this group of guys heads to the ground hard in a wreck that destroys both of their motorcycles and probably left them hurting for a pretty good amount of time as well.

If you dare to tune in to such carnage you can check it out in the video below but be careful because this wreck gets mighty ugly. From what we have seen of these events, catastrophes like this aren’t all that uncommon either as they rear their heads from time to time.