Budget Built Sleeper Turbo Tahoe With Over 700HP Will Leave You in the Dust

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The Sloppy Mechanics held a Dyno Day that brought out a variety of vehicles, one of which really jumped out as a sleeper to end all sleepers.

For starters, it’s an SUV, and not a small, sleek SUV either. This is a big lumbering Tahoe that, other than the wheels and tires, looks from a distance like every other Tahoe you see hauling kids to school and moms to Target. When the heavy hauler fires up, though, its a different story, as the idea gives away the not-so-stockness of the power plant, as does the front mount intercooler peeking out from behind the front bumper.

Once it’s on the dyno, the cat is out of the bag completely when it lays down 757 horsepower from the boosted 5.3 engine, showing the true potential of the ubiquitous junkyard GM engine when combined with a little forced induction. At least the kids get to sleep late when the commute to school only takes about 30 seconds thanks to the 700+ ponies hiding under the hood!