Bugatti Chiron (1500 HP) Sound & Acceleration 0-217MPH

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Bugatti shocked the world when they unveiled the Veyron, which created the niche for the ultra-powerful-but-opulent hypercar, back in 2005. Now, twelve years later, the Veyron’s successor has been announced and it looks like Bugatti has somehow managed to raise the bar again with the Chiron.

Relying on the same engine architecture, the Chiron’s W16 powerplant pumps out an absurd 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 ft/lbs of torque, which push the car to an electronically-limited 261 MPH, though the car is rumored to be capable of pushing 290 MPH with the governor disabled. The appearance is similar to the Veyron’s, though there are some obvious differences in the headlights and taillights. Upon closer inspection, the Chiron appears to have a sleeker profile compared to its more muscular predecessor.

At $2.7 million, the Chiron is reserved for the motoring elite, but we hope somebody out there drives this car like it was obviously intended to be driven. And, of course, get that on camera so we can live vicariously though your footage!