Build for Cancer: Turning Kristian Nyberg's 1969 Camaro Into Twin Turbo Monster

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

For those who have been following Speed Society, there’s a good chance they might’ve heard of Kristian Nyberg. Kristian has pretty much become a part of the family here at Speed Society. In late 2018, we received devastating news about Kristian that no family wants to hear.

At the PRI show of that year, Kristian would complain of shoulder pain. Before long, he would fly back to San Diego to see a doctor. The doctor had broken the news that he had stage 4 brain cancer. The most devastating part of the news was that it would come with the diagnosis that this type of cancer isn’t operable.

As Kristian had become one of us, the Speed Society family wanted so desperately to help. I think that anybody who is put in this position would give just about anything to find a cure. Unfortunately, though, that just wasn’t an option. Therefore, we turned to the next best option. We would rely on the therapy that has gotten us through so many hard times. This time, we hope that it might help Kristian out just a little bit.

Kristian has been the proud owner of a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro for quite some time. It’s been one of those builds that had been making a little bit of progress over the years before it eventually had to be shelved. These days, with such an intense schedule and medical expenses alongside a much-altered lifestyle, restoring the car would’ve been nearly impossible. Given that one of Kristian’s most prominent wishes was to not only drive the car but to have his son be able to get behind the wheel, this is where we felt that we could help.

Thankfully, due to a wonderful selection of people and companies, that very dream would become a reality. In fact, this week at SEMA, the finished product will be on display at the Pilkington Classics/Fesler USA booth #24091. Those who hopped onboard are truly a testament to just what the automotive community is able to do for a brother in need.