Built Tough: Power Wheels® F-150 Toughness Test

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Built Tough: Power Wheels® F-150 Toughness Test

To test out the toughness of the Power Wheels Ford F-150, the crew at Power Wheels got together with Ford to see if the toys could support the weight of the real thing!

That’s right, they attempted to put the weight of a real live truck on top of four Power Wheels in order to show off the durability of their products. This could end successfully or in disaster!

Check out the video below as they undergo the ultimate test! We want to see how far they can take this thing! Don’t get us wrong, this is impressive to say the least, but let’s see a dually next!

Maybe these Power Wheels will be making an appearance in the infamous Barbie Jeep race next!