C8 Corvette Throws Down With Tesla Model 3 Performance

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

While some might not be aware of it, we’re entering quite the age of competition. This competition is going to exist between combustion powered cars and electric powered cars. It’s only natural that, as something new comes onto the scene, it’s going to take a stab at the existing king of the hill.

Up until now, Tesla has pretty much been the only serious mass-produced competition coming out of the electric camp. However, in the coming years, pretty much every major automotive manufacturer plans some sort of electric offering. For now, though, we will mostly see Tesla trying to hold it down against some of the newest offerings from the combustion powered side of things.

It’s pretty much unanimously agreed upon that the Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most hyped-up offerings of 2020. As the car has gone through a complete redesign, it’s going to be interesting to see how it stacks up. While electric power has been bringing a heavy fist to the table, cars like the Corvette are certainly going to be stepping up their game with every year that passes.

This time, we watch as The Stradman brings his brand new 2020 Corvette into the picture. On the other side of the competition in this Drag Times video, we find the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It’s definitely an interesting comparison that we think is going to only evolve over the years.

For now, electric vehicles aren’t blistering fast up top. However, the Model Three Performance certainly provides quite a decent matchup for the C8 Corvette. If the racing surface were shortened and taken to say, an eighth mile track, we think the Tesla would handle this one pretty easily, though!

Will there ever be a day when electric performance is able to blow combustion out of the water? That one remains to be seen. Today, though, we have some pretty awesome matchups to watch unfold.