Cadillac CTS-V Almost Crashes on Mountain Road! Close Call

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Cadillac’s CTS-V is a powerhouse in more areas than the straight line of the drag strip, easily handling twisty backroads as well.

As nimble as the CTS-V is, it isn’t impervious to overzealous drivers who might get too comfortable with the power and great handling and push beyond their abilities, which can quickly land them in a scary situation. That’s exactly what seems to happen toward the end of this clip, where we’re looking rearward from one car as a Caddy follows along the twisty tree-lined road, both cars seemingly handling the journey just fine. However, as the clip nears the end, we see the Caddy’s driver carry a little too much speed into a quick switch-back type curve and the car can’t quite maintain the line, pushing instead into the other lane.

While the driver was able to regain control and return to his lane safely, had there been a car coming from the opposite direction through that curve, it would have likely ended very, very badly. There’s nothing wrong with driving at the limits of your car and your abilities, but you always need to know how far to take it, and only test those boundaries when it’s safe to do so.