Camaro vs Undercover Cop

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you should’ve just so happened to be making your way down the highway and peeked into your rearview mirror, only to have a familiar set of headlights glaring back at you, headlights that you have come to associate with those of a police officer, your heart might just skip a beat and you could get that flushed feeling that goes along with feeling like you’re going to get into some kind of trouble. However, there are certain police cars out there that might be put in place just for that sole purpose of making sure that you don’t recognize them.

This time, we see exactly that situation unfolding right in front of our eyes as it would appear as if a person traveling down the highway happened to notice that a police officer was also right beside him wielding nothing other than a Dodge Challenger, a car that not too many people are going to expect a police officer behind the wheel of. However, in this situation, it looks like the police force was just looking to switch it up a little bit as that’s exactly what we got to see. However, unfortunately for a nearby Chevrolet Camaro driver, he didn’t exactly notice.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll see the Camaro driver really pushing limits on this car, driving in a way that nobody should when there’s that much traffic around. As he weaves in and out of traffic and drives like a downright idiot, putting absolutely everybody around him in danger. Eventually, we watch as the Challenger slips on the emergency light begins the chase, seeing if the police officer can track down the driver of the Camaro. Eventually, the cars faded beyond the visibility of the camera, however, rumor has it that they’re still in that very car chase to this day.