Camaro With a Big Blower Snaps The Driveshaft At The Launch!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It has been said time and again, and proves to be true often, usually in spectacular fashion: big power and traction is a great way to expose weak links.

This big tire Camaro with a big supercharger peeking through the hood is likely making well over 1,000 HP and those meaty tires out back are going to provide plenty of grip, even on this surface, which looks to be a landing strip. The car makes one good run, laying down a 9-second ET through the quarter mile.

When it comes time to line up for the next run, though, things don’t go as planned. As soon as the hammer is dropped, the F-Body barely moves, with a tell-tale clanking coming from the rear of the car. A close up look with the camera reveals the problem to be a broken driveshaft, which is probably the easiest to repair of all the potential drivetrain components, if we can put a silver lining on this cloud.