Can a LEGO V12 Handle 40,000 RPM Without Exploding Into Pieces?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

With LEGOs, you can build just about anything that your heart desires. With enough creativity, even if there’s not a kit designed for your ideal vision, you can come up with your own route to creating the LEGO contraption of your dreams. It might not be easy but hey, I guess that nothing worth having really is, right? With enough creativity and imagination, you can even create functioning pieces, in this case, we’re talking about a V12 engine that appears to have had a little bit of modification done to a LEGO kit in order to make it become a reality.

With a little bit of help from a power source, the idea is to turn the motor as fast as it possibly can be turned, creating an interesting combination of factors that combine the LEGO creation with power to see how durable it really is. The idea behind this one is not only to create a custom V12 but also to see how many RPM the motor can put behind it, essentially taking something that might be made for show purposes and turning it into an actual durability test, taking the pieces and rotating them to the moon, seeing exactly how well the creation will be able to handle a whole lot of RPM, more specifically, this time, they’re cranking it up to 40,000 to see just where the breaking point lies.

This one definitely has a lot of suspense built into it so be sure to be ready for what’s about to come at you. It almost turns into not a question of if but when this thing is going to explode into a million pieces but we’re just waiting to see when that explosion is going to occur. Brace yourself and check in with the video down below and get ready because this is some hard-hitting LEGO action that’s sure to have all of your senses on red alert.