Car guy parks his BMW E30 M3 in his house to save it from a Hurricane

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

In any kind of harsh weather, the diehard auto enthusiast will have their stomach in a knot as different forms of mother nature’s wrath can deliver some serious blows to the integrity of your ride. When Hurricane Matthew was raging away just a couple of days ago, it left enthusiasts in a frenzy.

This particular car nut wouldn’t just stand by as his beloved BMW E30 M3 got pelted on by the tough blows delivered by the storm and without a garage to turn to, he got creative in order to make sure that his car wasn’t damaged by the storm.


When all else failed, this Instagram user by the name of jalilsup decided that he would swing open the double doors to his home and roll the car right on in. Sure insurance probably would have repaired any potential damage, but that’s not the point! Nobody wants to go through that especially after all of the hard work that car guys go through to get their cars to be perfect.

Through a collection of pictures and the video below as seen on his Instagram, we get to see how this car nut and his BMW weathered the storm quite literally.