Cars that Make Movies Great, Training Day Scene - 1979 Monte Carlo Lowrider

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If we’re talking about great movies, sometimes, the cars on the screen can play just a pivotal role as the actors themselves. If you think I’m wrong, just imagine Nicholas Cage stealing a Toyota Prius in the final moments of Gone in 60 Seconds instead of the prized Eleanor Mustang.

This time, we dive inside of a classic movie in Training Day that has Denzel Washington driving around a Chevrolet Monte Carlo Lowrider that most certainly bolsters his role as being the resident bad cop with the whole essence of cool managing to engulf the character.

The scene below gives the car its on-screen debut and really pushes that character to a whole new level that may have been possible without the set of wheels but with the car, I think Denzel’s character really comes around full circle and makes the statement that the crew behind the movie was shooting for.

The video below captures the lowrider in action so be sure to check it out and chime in with how you think that the Chevy aids in character development. Sometimes, it’s the little things like this that really make a great movie like this one rise to the stature that it has managed to reach.