Caught On Dash Cam: Man Steals Police Car Then Crashes It

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Caught On Dash Cam: Man Steals Police Car Then Crashes It

Right from the beginning there is something a little bit fishy about this traffic stop. When a guy in a Jeep is pulled over by police, he almost immediately gets out of the car and that’s when the action gets interesting.

When the guy getting pulled over acts out, the officer tries to arrest him on the spot, at which point the suspect attempts to fight the officer. At one point a good Samaritan in a Ford Mustang even pulls over to help the cop at which point the suspect decides to hop behind the wheel of the patrol vehicle.

When he takes off in the cop car, it isn’t long before catastrophe unfolds again. Before long, the man now driving the cruiser finds himself the victim of a landscaping truck making a left turn as he smashes into the truck, destroying car.

Notice how much the bad guy’s tone changes when he actually needs police assistance after the wreck. Check out all of the action as it unfolds in the video below. This almost seems like it could be a scene out of a movie!