Chad Green walks away after flipping his Pro Mod

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It’s been a rough year for pro mod standout Chad Green. After stuffing his ’63 Corvette in the wall at Gainesville at the first NHRA Pro Mod race of the season, Chad has now added another car to the scrap heap at the Fitzgerald USA Thunder Valley Nationals.

While the argument could be made that the Gainesville incident was a case of Green driving the car past the point of no return in an effort to win a round of racing when he should have lifted, the Bristol crash was caused by a parachute failure and would have likely caused an issue for many drivers, even those with far more experience than Green, who is a relative newcomer to the class.

After pedaling the car to regain traction early in the run, Green crossed the finish line behind his opponent Danny Rowe at 226 MPH. When the chutes failed to deploy, Chad was left with only the brakes on his Camaro to bring him to a stop, and with one of the shortest shutdown areas on the tour, Bristol showed Green no mercy. A few hundred feet past the finish line, the Midland, TX driver got on the woah pedal a little too hard and locked the brakes up in an effort to avoid the rapidly approaching sand trap. This sent the car hard left into the retaining wall, which subsequently caused the car to flip onto its roof and bounce across the track into the other wall in front of Rowe.

After slapping both walls, Green skidded into the sand trap with enough momentum to nearly flip the car back onto it’s wheels, but instead was left inverted in the sand. Green undid his harness and fell to the roof of the car, then basically had to kick his way out of the door due to the damage.

Green was uninjured in the incident and promised to be back – albeit with a different car – in time for the next race on tour this weekend at Norwalk, OH’s Summit Raceway Park. That, my friends, is dedication to the sport!