One Of A Kind 1953 Chevrolet Pickup 4400

Posted by: Jose Corona on 11/18/2021

The beautiful part of automotive modification is that no matter what combination you have brewing in your head, with enough time and effort you can make that combination come to life in the car or truck that sits in front of you.

This time, we check out a vision materialized as a 1953 Chevrolet pickup has been completely modernized and restored in addition to taking on a little bit of a motor swap that makes it something different.

No, it isn’t a traditional small-block Chevy or LS swap but instead, the wrenches behind this machine decided to go with some coal rolling power in the form of a 12 valve Cummins diesel engine.

Check out the video below as ScottyDTV takes us inside of this amazing machine and gives us the grand tour. What do you think of this incredible swap?