Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. Turbo B16 Honda Civic! Close Race!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Across the automotive landscape, there are all kinds of different machines that are built for different purposes and it’s fun to see exactly how the machines compare to one another when they’re put head-to-head in a variety of different challenges that will stretch their legs out a little bit and see exactly what it is that they have under the hood.

This time, two worlds collide as a Chevrolet Camaro SS goes head-to-head with none other than a Honda Civic that is powered by a B16 and a little bit of boost is thrown into the four cylinder equation to make it more interesting. For many of us, videos like this are where we started when we discovered YouTube and all these years later, we can still watch these kinds of battles go down as we reminisce.

Check out the video down below that puts import up against domestic in a naturally aspirated against turbocharged battle to see which one of these roll racing machines will come out on top. This one ends up being a pretty clean and close race so grab your popcorn and tune into the action below.