Chevrolet Truck Pulls Guys Through Giant Slip N' Slide Loop

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Chevrolet Truck Pulls Guys Through Giant Slip N’ Slide Loop

When we take one look at this 12 foot tall slip n’ slide loop, two thoughts come to our head. First, that is the one of the most dangerous contraptions that we’ve ever seen and two, we most definitely have to try it out!

When gravity wasn’t enough to complete this overly sketchy stunt, this group of guys decided that bringing a Chevrolet Silverado into the equation would be the best course of action.

Check out the video below as this willing participant holds on for dear life as the truck pulls him off of the roof and down the ramp toward the loop. Will he make it out of the other side alive? We won’t spoil the surprise, check out the video below and find out for yourself!