Chevy Corvette Slams into the Wall at the Spectator Drags

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, Maine recently held their annual Motor Mayhem, which features what the speedway calls “Spectator Drags”. From the looks of this video, fans of the track get to line up head to head and race around the 3/8th mile asphalt oval. Going to battle in this video, a healthy sounding G-Body and a swoopy C6 Corvette.

From the get go, both cars are fighting for traction, even before the green flag drops to start the race. However, that doesn’t seem to bother either driver as they drop the hammer at the signal to go, both cars driving into the corner hard as they jockey for position.

The Monte Carlo, seemingly having a more experienced driver, pulls away entering the back stretch, which causes the Vette’s driver to get a little throttle happy as he fights to close the growing gap. Instead, the car loses traction and the rear end snaps around, sending the C6 sliding off the track backward and giving the outside retaining wall a nice tap with the rear quarter.

Body pieces fly as the dust kicks up, but the car isn’t too heavily damaged and the driver manages to limp back onto the track. Luckily, the only injury was to the driver’s pride and his pocket book, as he was uninjured in the mishap. We have to wonder if he went ahead and put the car on the track full time to work on those corner exits for the 2018 Motor Mayhem?