Chevy Nova 360 Spin While Drag Racing - Pucker Factor 10.0

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It seems like the WYCO Racing “Operation Octane” no prep event that took place on pit road at Kansas Speedway is providing more than its fair share of exciting situations.

In this one, it’s a Chevrolet Nova duo going head-to-head and the lack of traction here brings the wow factor to an all new high.

We watch as the driver behind the wheel of the orange Nova keeps on lifting off of the throttle to try and regain traction, but it just isn’t working out.

Check out the Urban Hillbilly Action Videos clip below that shows it all as the driver decides that the grass is a better landing spot than the wall as he spins around, 360°, before coming to a stop.

The pucker factor had to be high, here. We know that it was certainly felt on this side of the screen!