Chevy vs Ford Engine Blowout - What Engine Will Last Longer?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Chevy vs Ford: it’s a battle that goes back and forth and in the end, it always seems like nobody wins. There are just some folks who get overly angry about the debate and some who don’t and just go about their own business.

In this endless debate comes arguments over power, longevity, and cool factor but today we’re here to look at one test in particular that really has nothing to do with any of the above.

In this one, all of the fluids are drained from both a Ford F150 and a Chevrolet C10 and they’re ran at high RPM to see which one lasts longer.

When all is said and done, the video uploader counts it out for us, saying that the Ford managed to go for 1:08 and the C10 for just :58 seconds!

Does this all amount to anything? We can’t be sure, but we can be sure that it’s an interesting watch. Check it out below to see for yourself!